Dynamic Web Authoring

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In this module we looked at creating and manipulating HTML and CSS with Javascript, the marking of this module was divide between Labs and coursework, the Labs would act like an education diary as we progressed through the module, with every lab getting more difficult.

The coursework would be a team effort at creating a website using the languages being taught to create as complete an application as possible, and to incorporate advanced use of JavaScript to create features within the website, a key request was that HTML forms were used and JavaScript to validate the user input.

Windsor Estate Agents

We decided to build an estate agent website as it gave us a strong base to build from, we picked styles that we thought best, things like layout, as we built we considered the UX (user-experience) as we went, which with no one dedicated to that focus during the build led to back peddling into the code and taking up valuable time. It came out as a fairly good final result anyway and one I continued to work on myself as something to do. To track my own progress I created a GitHub repository of the initial team progress here: https://github.com/jay-smyth/windsorestates

Windsor Estates 2.0

You can find a live version of my further progressed website here at: http://windsorestates.jaysmythweb.co.uk/index.html