Human computer Interactions

H.C.I – Human Computer Interactions

As the title suggests H.C.I is the discipline in where we study how we interact with computers, this can range from how we interact with, say the navigation of a website or the way it looks, where we look, but where I think the discipline excels is that it teaches us to look past visual design and into functional design. There we begin to think about user friendliness, UX design. UX (User-Experience) design is focused on the promotion of inclusivity, not all are equal when it comes to user performance, we each have a handicap and good UX design provides affordability and usability to everyone, an application should be usable by everyone regardless of language or capability; the deaf, blind, color-blind and all differently abled users should be afforded the opportunity to use it.

Three monkeys, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Source:,_Hear_No_Evil,_Speak_No_Evil.jpg

Our assignment was to chose an area in which an application would be used and implement it with HTML and CSS only, this application has to viewable live and focused on all areas of H.C.I

I chose to create an application that would allow new patients to register to the surgery and old patients of the GP surgery to view/make or amend an appointment time or date, the users were provided with options to choose what language it would be in, a help button was provided to every page with a specific breakdown on what was requested/how to use the page they were currently using.

The live site has very basic functionality, it was to prove our understanding of appropriate feedback and usability, the buttons provide visual cues to the user but again the functionality is limited. You can view the site here: