I’m Jason Smyth and welcome to my website

This website is my design and development protfolio, for projects I’m currently working on, whether it’s design and development of new client websites, maipulations of WordPress themes, my current theme is Twenty Seventeen but my child version.

Also I like photography, so presenting products can also be arranged, the images on this website are mine, and you can check out my portfolio.

Websites from as little as £100

WordPress is a powerful CMS (Content Management System), it and a good theme are the perfect platform for those that want small and editable websites, what we can build with WordPress can take your business into the next phase of it’s progression.  I can provide insight into the things that will take your business to the top of Google search results.  It’s all about how you build it.

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My Technical Blog


Stuff about me.. I have expereince in many disciplines, I’ve luckily had a go at Digital Marketing, Front End Deveolpment and Design, Back End experince with Php, WordPress theme manipulation and Shopify.

I’ve brought websites from design to implementation.  Whether it’s just a nicely laid out landing page or a fully functioning Woocommerce website (E-Commerce).

I’m currently a part-time student at Jordanstown University studying Computing Systems in 2nd year, I’m hoping to come out of it with a first and dive head long into a position within a company working on new and exciting applications everyday.


Email:  info@jaysmythweb.co.uk

Telephone: +447 526 186 296