To my online CV/blog, my name is Jason Smyth. I have been learning and developing on the web for the past four years, I study at Napier university Edinburgh, Scotland in Bsc Computing.

I have been working with the awesome company UnderWaterPistol.com for a year as a content management assistant, adding and manipulating content on websites, from products to blog posts.

In my spare time I have been developing a WordPress theme (though it is not this one, it’s just really good).

I’ll be clean bloggin’ here, it’s just random crap I get up to, but most of my activity will most likely be Tv, Movies or Games.


  • Maintain a high average during my degree
  • Having a strong understanding of web technologies like:
    • html5
    • css3
    • jQuery
    • Php
    • SQL
  • Employment
  • Experience